Association of Diocesan Liaison Regions

The Association has aligned itself of regionally using the same geographic areas as the USCCB.   This will allow a connection with liaisons in each region and enable  better assistance with their needs.

Bishop's Region 1

Ecclesiastical province of Boston

Comprising the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

  • Archdiocese of Boston

  • Diocese of Burlington

  • Diocese of Fall River

  • Diocese of Manchester

  • Diocese of Portland

  • Diocese of Springfield in Massachusetts

  • Diocese of Worcester

Ecclesiastical province of Hartford

Comprising the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island, as well as Fishers Island in the state of New York.

  • Archdiocese of Hartford

  • Diocese of Bridgeport

  • Diocese of Norwich

  • Diocese of Providence

Bishop's Region 2

Ecclesiastical province of New York

Comprising the state of New York except for Fishers Island.

  • Archdiocese of New York

  • Diocese of Albany

  • Diocese of Brooklyn

  • Diocese of Buffalo

  • Diocese of Ogdensburg

  • Diocese of Rochester

  • Diocese of Rockville Centre

  • Diocese of Syracuse

Bishop's Region 3

Ecclesiastical province of Newark

Comprising the state of New Jersey.

  • Archdiocese of Newark

  • Diocese of Camden

  • Diocese of Metuchen

  • Diocese of Paterson

  • Diocese of Trenton

Ecclesiastical province of Philadelphia

Comprising the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Archdiocese of Philadelphia

  • Diocese of Allentown

  • Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown

  • Diocese of Erie

  • Diocese of Greensburg

  • Diocese of Harrisburg

  • Diocese of Pittsburgh

  • Diocese of Scranton

Bishop's Region 4

Ecclesiastical province of Baltimore

Comprising most of the state of Maryland as well as the states of Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia.

  • Archdiocese of Baltimore

  • Diocese of Arlington

  • Diocese of Richmond

  • Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

  • Diocese of Wilmington

Ecclesiastical province of Washington

Comprising the District of Columbia, 5 counties in southern Maryland, and the United States Virgin Islands.

  • Archdiocese of Washington

  • Diocese of Saint Thomas

Bishop's Region 5

Ecclesiastical province of Louisville

Comprising the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • Archdiocese of Louisville

  • Diocese of Covington

  • Diocese of Knoxville

  • Diocese of Lexington

  • Diocese of Memphis

  • Diocese of Nashville

  • Diocese of Owensboro

Ecclesiastical province of Mobile

Comprising the states of Alabama and Mississippi.

  • Archdiocese of Mobile

  • Diocese of Biloxi

  • Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama

  • Diocese of Jackson

Ecclesiastical province of New Orleans

Comprising the state of Louisiana.

  • Archdiocese of New Orleans

  • Diocese of Alexandria in Louisiana

  • Diocese of Baton Rouge

  • Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

  • Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana

  • Diocese of Lake Charles

  • Diocese of Shreveport

Bishop's Region 6

Ecclesiastical province of Cincinnati

Comprising the state of Ohio.

  • Archdiocese of Cincinnati

  • Diocese of Cleveland

  • Diocese of Columbus

  • Diocese of Steubenville

  • Diocese of Toledo

  • Diocese of Youngstown

Ecclesiastical province of Detroit

Comprising the state of Michigan.

  • Archdiocese of Detroit

  • Diocese of Gaylord

  • Diocese of Grand Rapids

  • Diocese of Kalamazoo

  • Diocese of Lansing

  • Diocese of Marquette

  • Diocese of Saginaw

Bishop's Region 9

Ecclesiastical province of Dubuque

Comprising the state of Iowa.

  • Archdiocese of Dubuque

  • Diocese of Davenport

  • Diocese of Des Moines

  • Diocese of Sioux City

Ecclesiastical province of Kansas City

Comprising the state of Kansas.

  • Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

  • Diocese of Dodge City

  • Diocese of Salina

  • Diocese of Wichita

Ecclesiastical province of Omaha

Comprising the state of Nebraska.

  • Archdiocese of Omaha

  • Diocese of Grand Island

  • Diocese of Lincoln

Ecclesiastical province of Saint Louis

Comprising the state of Missouri.

  • Archdiocese of St. Louis

  • Diocese of Jefferson City

  • Diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph

  • Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau

Bishop's Region 12

Ecclesiastical province of Anchorage

Comprising the state of Alaska.

  • Archdiocese of Anchorage

  • Diocese of Fairbanks

  • Diocese of Juneau

Ecclesiastical province of Portland in Oregon

Comprising the states of Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, except for the parts of Yellowstone National Park in the states of Idaho and Montana.

  • Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

  • Diocese of Baker

  • Diocese of Boise

  • Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

  • Diocese of Helena

Ecclesiastical province of Seattle

Comprising the state of Washington

  • Archdiocese of Seattle

  • Diocese of Spokane

  • Diocese of Yakima

Bishop's Region 7

Ecclesiastical province of Chicago

Comprising the state of Illinois.

  • Archdiocese of Chicago

  • Diocese of Belleville

  • Diocese of Joliet in Illinois

  • Diocese of Peoria

  • Diocese of Rockford

  • Diocese of Springfield in Illinois

Ecclesiastical province of Indianapolis

Comprising the state of Indiana.

  • Archdiocese of Indianapolis

  • Diocese of Evansville

  • Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

  • Diocese of Gary

  • Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana

Ecclesiastical province of Milwaukee

Comprising the state of Wisconsin.

  • Archdiocese of Milwaukee

  • Diocese of Green Bay

  • Diocese of La Crosse

  • Diocese of Madison

  • Diocese of Superior

Bishop's Region 10

Ecclesiastical province of Galveston-Houston

Comprising the east and southeast parts of the state of Texas.

  • Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

  • Diocese of Austin

  • Diocese of Beaumont

  • Diocese of Brownsville

  • Diocese of Corpus Christi

  • Diocese of Tyler

  • Diocese of Victoria in Texas

Ecclesiastical province of San Antonio

Comprising the west and north of the state of Texas.

  • Archdiocese of San Antonio

  • Diocese of Amarillo

  • Diocese of Dallas

  • Diocese of El Paso

  • Diocese of Fort Worth

  • Diocese of Laredo

  • Diocese of Lubbock

  • Diocese of San Angelo

Ecclesiastical province of Oklahoma City

Comprising the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

  • Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

  • Diocese of Little Rock

  • Diocese of Tulsa

Bishop's Region 13

(Also includes Diocese of Salt Lake City found in the Ecclesiastical province of San Francisco)

Ecclesiastical province of Denver

Comprising the states of Colorado and Wyoming, as well as the parts of Yellowstone National Park in the states of Idaho and Montana.

  • Archdiocese of Denver

  • Diocese of Cheyenne

  • Diocese of Colorado Springs

  • Diocese of Pueblo

Ecclesiastical province of Santa Fe

Comprising the states of Arizona and New Mexico.

  • Archdiocese of Santa Fe

  • Diocese of Gallup

  • Diocese of Las Cruces

  • Diocese of Phoenix

  • Diocese of Tucson

Bishop's Region 8

Ecclesiastical province of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Comprising the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

  • Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

  • Diocese of Bismarck

  • Diocese of Crookston

  • Diocese of Duluth

  • Diocese of Fargo

  • Diocese of New Ulm

  • Diocese of Rapid City

  • Diocese of Saint Cloud

  • Diocese of Sioux Falls

  • Diocese of Winona

Bishop's Region 11

Ecclesiastical province of Los Angeles

Comprising the southern part of the state of California.

  • Archdiocese of Los Angeles

  • Diocese of Fresno

  • Diocese of Monterey in California

  • Diocese of Orange

  • Diocese of San Bernardino

  • Diocese of San Diego

Ecclesiastical province of San Francisco

Comprising the northern part of the state of California and the states of Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah.

  • Archdiocese of San Francisco

  • Diocese of Honolulu

  • Diocese of Las Vegas

  • Diocese of Oakland

  • Diocese of Reno

  • Diocese of Sacramento

  • Diocese of Salt Lake City (Bishops’ Region XIII)

  • Diocese of San Jose in California

  • Diocese of Santa Rosa in California

  • Diocese of Stockton

Bishop's Region 14

Ecclesiastical province of Miami

Comprising the state of Florida.

  • Archdiocese of Miami

  • Diocese of Orlando

  • Diocese of Palm Beach

  • Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

  • Diocese of St. Augustine

  • Diocese of Saint Petersburg

  • Diocese of Venice in Florida

Ecclesiastical province of Atlanta

Comprising the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

  • Archdiocese of Atlanta

  • Diocese of Charleston

  • Diocese of Charlotte

  • Diocese of Raleigh

  • Diocese of Savannah

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