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Prepared for Fall Symposia and Spring Conferences

We have attempted to provide as many papers as possible from the events listed on the Past Conferences & Symposia page. Please contact us if you have any papers from those events which are not listed below.


Please note: These papers are available to members of the Association of Diocesan Liaisons only.

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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: Paradigm of Christian Growth  – Bert Gohm

Sacramental Spirituality and Pentecostal Spirituality – Rev. Joseph Malagreca

New Testament Perspective on Baptism in the Spirit and The Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation – Anthony J. Tambasco

“This Is My Body”: Eucharist and Community – Rosemary Haughten

Whence Comes the Spirit: Baptism, Confirmation, Baptism of the Spirit? A Biblical View – Rev. David Whitten Smith, S.T.D., S.S. L.

Evangelization..Mission of the Church: The Importance of a Christian Initiation Course for Catholic People – Charis Mission

The Catholic Exodus – Francis J Greene

The Eucharistic Liturgy and Charismatic Prayer – James Wood

Celebrating Pentecostal Liturgies – Joseph Lange


Ecumenical Prayer Groups (In Charismatic Renewal) – Sr. Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND

Models of Christian Unity: Imagining Tomorrow’s Church – Thomas P Rausch, S. J

The 1977 Kansas City Conference: A Study in Ecumenical Sensitivity – Vinson Synan

Is An Ecumenical  Understanding of Eucharist Possible Today? – Gerard Asutin, O.P.

Catholic Pentecostalism: A Challenge Pentecostal  – Jerry L. Sandige

Current Ecumenical Activities in the Charismatic Renewal – Rev. Kenneth Metz

Ecumenical Christian Community: Overcoming Party Spirit – Gerry Rauch

Ecumenism and Charismatic Renewal

Maranatha: Come, Lord Jesus 


Fundamentalism and the Evangelical Stream – Richard Lovelace

Fundamentalism and The Bible – Eugene Laverdiere, SSS

Suggested Pastoral Response to Fundamentalism – Anthony E. Gilles

Why Catholics Join Up With The Fundamentalists – Thomas Howard

Thinking About Catholics and Fundamentalism – Rev. Jeffry J. Donner

Fundamentalism: A Historical Overview – Steven M. Avella

Fundamentalism and The Charismatic Movement – Vinson Synan

Pastoral Response to Christian Fundamentalism – Sr. Judith Wirth, SSND

Fundamental Baptist Rebirth and Biblical Literalism – Susan Harding


Psychology and Spirituality In the Catholic Charismatic Renewal – Rev. Kenneth Metz, Ph. D.

Subject: Cautions on the Use of the Enneagram in Spirituality – Dorothy Ranaghan

The Enneagram and Christian Spirituality – Paul A Hottinger

The Impact of New Age Thought on Theology and Psychology – Paula Joy Wenker, M.A.

Concessions To Our Human Weakness: Reflections on the Integration of Psychology and Christianity – John R Buri

The Psychology of Atheism and Christian Spirituality – Paul C. Vitz

Psychology and Spirituality: Integration for a Wholistic Lifestyle – Michell Greischar, Ph. D.

Analytical Psychology and Christian Spirituality: Is Dialogue Possible – Rev. Theodore E. Dobson

The Enneagram Workshop – Rev. Theodore E. Dobson


Small Christian Communities: Leaven For the Catholic Church In the Third Millennium – Rev Chris Aridas & Steve Benthal

Beyond Cabbages and Kings- An Evangelizer’s View of Christian Community Through the Looking Glass of Faith – Susan W. Blum, Ed. D

Regional Covenant Communities: A Response to Vatican II – John X Evans

Ecclesiological Views and Christian Communities – John T. Ford C.S.C.

The Trinity As Model Of Community – Rev. Patrick J. Gaffney, S.M.M.

Models of Christian Community, Past & Present – Jane Russell, OSF

Neighborhood Church Community: A Model of Christian Community – Rev James W Scheuer

New Testament Communities and Renewal Communities Today – Rev. Robert T Sears, S.J.


The lay Experience in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal – Pattie G. Mansfield

Lay Spirituality: Embracing the Future  – Mary Ann Molinari

Spiritual Direction in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal –  Fr. Jim Mancini

Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Spiritual Formation of the Laity – Ron Ryan

Christifideles Laici: The Vocation and the Mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and in the World – Walter Matthews

The Spirituality & Formation of the Laity in the Charismatic Renewal and Its Call and the effects in the Local Church – Charles Whitehead


The Catechism: A Call to Discipleship –  Fr. Richard W. Ferris, STL

God’s Word as Foundation for Discipleship – Fr. Garry Banks, S.T.

Discipling Youth

The Role of Healing in Discipling-Women in Particular – Ronda Cherin, Ph. D.

To Disciple Christian Leaders Today – Thomas A Curran


Giving Witness – Inspiring a True Longing for Holiness –  J. Morris Smith, Ph. D.

The Word of God Made Man by the Holy Spirit – Johann B Roten

Jesus the Healer, the One Savior of the World – Fresh Focus – Fr. Larry Carew

Marching Orders for a New Evangelization (An Addendum to the Paper Presented by Fran Fraleigh Karpiej)

Jesus the Healer, the One Savior of the World: Eternity Enters Into Time – Fran Fraleigh Karpiej

Mary, Model of Faith: “Divine Motherhood” – Marilyn Kramar

Baptism as the Basis of Christian Living: Challenges and Opportunities –  Deacon William H. Brennan


The Holy Spirit and Mary – George Montague, S.M.

The Holy Spirit, Principle of the Churches Unity – Francis A. Sullivan, SJ

A New Pentecost for a New Evangelization – Dominic Berardino

The Holy Spirit and Spirituality – Rev. Richard McAlear, OMI

“The Last Adam Became a Life-Giving Spirit”: An Important Key to Spirit Christology –  Fr. Donald Gelpi, SJ

Inner Healing: Experiencing the Messianic Mission of Jesus Through The Holy Spirit – Rita M Versace, Ph.D.


Fatherhood of God: Father, Creator and Author of Life – Fr. Thomas Caserta, D.Min.

Fatherhood of God: Understanding the Divine and Human Evolution of – Msgr. Andrew T. Cusack, Ph.D.

Fatherhood of God: Jesus’ Abba Experience – Fr. John Fullenback, Ph.D.

Mother-Father God: Images for the Inexpressible – Sr Joan Penzensstadler, SSND Ph.D.

Fatherhood of God: Pilgrimage to the House of the – Doris Donnelly, Ph.D


Connecting the Gospel with Culture – Fr. Bruce Nieli, C.S.P.

Theology and Praxis of Nontraditional Adult Religious Education: A Bridge to Conversion in the 21st Century – Susan Blum Gerding, Ed.D.

The Relationship Between Ecclesiology and Leadership – George Curren

Lift Your Voice: The Year of the Jubilee – Walter Matthews

Reclaiming the Prophetic Identity of the Charismatic Renewal: A Roundtable Discussion based on Statements made by  Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Charles Whitehead, Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM and Pope John Paul II – Author Unknown


The Eternal Scope of God’s Reconciling Love – Rev. Patricia Smith

Healing Cultural Roots Healing Culture: A Generational Approach – Douglas W Schoeninger, Ph.D.

Intergenerational Healing: The Fruit of Personal Psychological Growth and Spiritual
Transformation – Patricia Kraus, Ph.D

An Overview of Mason Rites and Its Effects Generationally – Helen Bethel, Ph.D


For Those Who Have Ears To Listen – Arlene Apone

Healing the Roots of Our Religious Culture – Fr Larry Carew

The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John – Fr George Montague


Truth and Reconciliation – Douglas W Shoeninger, Ph.D.

Symposium: Contemplative Prayer As Praise And Worship – James Murphy

Symposium: Freeing the Spirit Within-Worshiping the Lord in Dance – Robbin Simons

Symposium: Prayer and Ecclesial Maturity – Rose Payan

Symposium: Rediscovering Music in Worship – Angelo Natalie


Symposium: Biblical Theology: Yahweh’s Fatherhood – Dr Gregory Vall

What is Biblical Theology – Peter S Williamson, STD

Biblical Theology: The Border Between Revelation and Wisdom – Kathleen Weber Ph.D.


Our Charismatic Treasure Trove: The Saints – Patricia Treece

Dialog with Carmelites – Ralph Martin

Occurrences of Charisms in the Lives of the Saints – Dominic Bernadino


Discipleship & Evangelization: You Cannot Have One Without The Other – Dcn Henry

Not My Will, But Yours Be Done  – Fr Richard McAlear

The Witness of the Saints – Ronda Chervin


Fanning the Flame Without Burning the Church Down – Peter Herbeck

In Holiness – Charles Whitehead

Vision and Mission – Aggie Neck


Calling Forth God’s People: Hearing the Call that we may Call Others – Jim Murphy


The Holy Spirit in St Paul’s Letter to the Romans – Sr Carolyn Thomas

Year of St Paul: All Things to All – Msgr Joseph Malagreca


CCR as a ‘Royal Priesthood’ – Michelle Moran


Our Invitation to Intimacy With God – Deacon Armand Danis

From Acts 2 To The Culture of Pentecost – Michelle Moran


Creating Catholic Enthusiasm – Fr Bruce Nieli

What Is the ‘New’ in Evangelization – Fr David Night


Awakening Charisms For the New Evangelization – Dr Mary Healy

Charisms For Daily Life and The Life Of the Parish – Fr Bob Hogan

The Grace of The Catholic Charismatic Renewal For the Life of the Church: Where Are We? – Walter Matthews


What is the Holy Spirit saying to Catholic Charismatics about Unity? – Dan Almeter

Make Us One – Aggie Neck


Mission In Mercy – Charles Whitehead


Approaching, During and After the Golden Jubilee – Chuck Hornsby


Fear not, Stand Firm and See the Salvation of God – Jim Murphy

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